Thank you to our generous sponsors!
(as of November 17, 2016)

Presenting Sponsor

  • Twin City Fan Industries LTD

  • Melanie Barry
    Etta and Mike Barry
    Shari and Ronny Barry
    Leslie and Jerad Hahn

  • Wendy and Steve Baldinger and Baldinger Bakery

Collaborator Sponsor

Visionary Sponsor

  • Beth & Todd Leonard
    Todd & Jane Lifson
    Farley & Karen Kaufmann
    Howard and Alaine Wilensky

    Oren and Sharron Steinfeldt Family Foundation

Band Sponsor

  • Lisa Heilicher

Dreamer Sponsor

    Neil and Bruce Fink

    The Capp Family
    JW Marriot Minneapolis Mall of America

    Lawal Scott Erickson Architects, Inc.

    Pumpz & Co.

Wendy and Colin Smith

Believer Sponsor

  • Steve and Michelle Shaller

Enthusiast Sponsors

  • Judi Belzer and Jerry Waldman
  • Garelick Family Foundation
  • Harvey Goldman and Family
  • Parker Rosen, LLC
  • POPE Architects
  • Wendy and Steve Rubin
  • Polly and Michael Saxon and Inver Grove Ford Lincoln
  • Tito’s Vodka
  • The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank

Friends of the JCCs Sponsors

  • Joyce and David Abramson
  • AIPAC Minnesota
  • APi Group, Inc.
  • Liza Allen and Patrick Zimmerman
  • Bro-Tex, Inc.
  • Barb Frey and Howard Orenstein
  • Sue Colby and Larry Baill
  • Collins Electrical Construction Co.
  • J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Sandy & Brian Kamin
  • Lynn Lederman and Ken Raskin
  • Rhoda and Don Mains
  • Lisa and Mark Ratner/Atlas Travel and Ratner Steel
  • Sheva and Tom Sanders
  • Teri and Tommy Skadron
  • Liba and Tom Stillman
  • Temple of Aaron Synagogue
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Victor Foundation

Supporter Sponsor

  • Sarah and Mike Badower
  • Stacy Pinck and Brad Birnberg
  • Boulay, PLLP
  • Howard B. & Ruth F. Brin Jewish Arts Endowment Fund
  • Karen and Jamie Forman
  • Judy and Todd Freeman
  • Cindy and Michael Garr
  • Laurie and Bruce Goldfarb
  • Jill and Steve Gottlieb
  • Larkin Hoffman
  • Grethen House
  • Jeanne and Stan Kagin
  • Jennifer & Robert Kaplan
  • Drs. Scott and Linda Ketover
  • Rabbi Harold Kravitz and Cindy Reich
  • Nancy and Stephen Lane
  • Karee and Brad Lehrman
  • PCG Agencies, Inc.
  • Alina and Alex Portnoy
  • Connie & Paul Ross
  • Eileen and Harold Scherling
  • Rosalyn and Yoav Segal
  • Adam Stern-First Lawyers Trust Company
  • Heather and Mark Stesin
  • Katherine & Jeff Tane
  • The Wellington & The Alton
  • Wholesale Imprints & Promotions/The Leventhal Families
  • Sandy & Joe Wolkowicz

Seasonal Sponsors

  • Affiance Financial - Sheri and Steve Lear, Barb and Andy Fishman
    and Michele and Seth Meisler
  • Heilicher Foundation
  • Debbie and Gil Mann
  • Taco Bell

  • Cynthia and Harold Goldfine
  • In Honor of our Parents by Josh Mann, Naomi Mann,
    Danny Mann and Shoshana Mann
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Fredrikson & Byron- Bobbi and Robert Aronson
  • Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation
  • Kris and John MacDonald

For more information or to become a sponsor, contact Tamar Fenton at tfenton@sabesjcc.org or (952) 381-3405.