The Sabes JCC Masters Swimming Program caters to participants from a broad spectrum of abilities and interests. Whether you are a recreational swimmer, an experienced competitive veteran, or a triathlete, you will find that our Masters practices have something for everyone; swimming instruction in all 4 strokes, open water swimming techniques, water polo skills, interval work, and pacing insight. Practices are 1 hour in length. JCC Members and non-members can purchase practices one at a time, a 10 practice punch card, or monthly. Individuals looking for more personalized instruction should look into our private and semi private stroke clinics.

Masters Swim Practice Fees
JCC Member Non Member
Drop In $6.00/Session $8.00/Session
Punch Card ($50) $5.00/Session ($70) $6.00/Session
Stroke Clinic Fees
Solo Group (2+)
30 Min $50/m $65nm $33.50/m $43.50/nm
60 Min $70/m $91nm $47.50/m $61.75/nm