weight loss and nutrition

We are always looking to bring our members programs and opportunites to improve their health. We are currently offering the following programs through the Club at the JCC.


Take Shape For Life combines the power of quality weight-loss meal replacements and skilled, caring coaching to help you lose weight. And that's just the beginning.

One step at a time, we will teach you the habits of Health to help keep you physically healthy, free of stress, and poised for a more fulfilling life.

Take Shape For Life is leading a health revolution in America - and you can become part of it right now.


The Club at the JCC offers our members to participate in the New Leaf Metabolic Assessment. New Leaf is a nationally recognized program that will revolutionize how you work out and allow you to achieve your fitness and/or weight loss goals faster.

New Leaf provides individuals with a personalized cardio or nutrition program based on their own metabolic processes. By testing and analyzing how your body responds to heart rate zone training, your results will guide you on prioritizing goals of weight loss, health management, and improving fitness or athletic performance. This program allows you to maximize your use of fat as an energy source in addition to improving your fitness level. This means that it helps you improve fat loss and be much more efficient in your cardio workouts.

For more information, or to set up a consultation, contact Donna Cohen Heck at 952.381.3418.