early childhood enrichment


At the Sabes JCC we believe children benefit greatly through participating in various hands-on enrichment opportunities. Our enrichment classes are engaging and developmentally appropriate, taught by well-trained specialists. Enrichment classes include Science Explorers, Amazing Athletes, Preschool Zumba, Yogali, Music and Movement, and Little Rembrandts.

FALL Classes and Programs

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We bring families together by offering a variety of classes and resources for parents and children ranging from birth through Kindergarten age. Early Childhood Family Education (ECFC) at the Sabes JCC meets once a month. Families can sign-up for one or all of the sessions based on their individual interests and needs. Sessions will be one hour in length and combine education with fun hands on activities appropriate for young children. Whether your child in enrolled at the Sabes JCC or you are simply looking for a welcoming place to play and learn, we have a program for you.


At the Sabes JCC we want to provide educational resources for families. Our text studies provide summaries of books, latest research articles, and resources connected to child development and developmental milestones. Each month's text study will focus on one topic, providing you with an overview of the topic as it relates to young children and practical strategies to use at home. Enjoy!


September: Building Friendships May: Helping Children Make Transitions April: Preventing and Responding to Relational Aggressions March: I Bet You Can Say, “Yes!” Positive Guidance February: Supporting Angry Children January: Resisting Bias


December: Setting Behavior Expectations November: Logical Consequences October: Self Esteem and Learning September: The Importance of Play May: The Gift of Saying No April: Testing Limits... Setting Limits... March: Musical Play February: Promoting Diversity Awareness and Appreciation through Books January: Using Children's Literature to Support Positive Behaviors


December: Tackling Bed Time November: Teaching Children to be Grateful October: Supporting Sociodramatic Play to Enhance Learning September: Meeting the Sensory Needs of Young Children May: Moving Bodies, Building Minds April: Why Young Children Need Physical Education March: More than Singing: Discovering Music with Young Children February: Bringing Literacy Home January: Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Children Will Change Their Lives Forever


December: The Whole-Brain Child November: Discovering Mindfulness October: Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles September: Helping Children Make Transitions May: Simplicity Parenting,.. April: Activism in Early Childhood March: Boundaries with Kids February: Big Body Play January: Toys, Toys, Toys, Advice and Insight from NAEYC


December: Children and Nature November: Connect, 12 Vital Ties that Open Your Heart, Lengthen Your Life, and... October: What's Jewish About Butterflies & Supporting the Spiritual Development... September: Preschoolers' Social Skills Steer Life Success


May: A Child's Work, The Importance of Fantasy Play April: Observation and Early Childhood Teaching March: Bad Mother, A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and ... February: Sleepless in America, Practical Strategies to Help Your Family Get the Sleep...