Twin Cities JCCs Steering Committee
Exploring A Vision For The Future

The JCCs play a critical role in building a strong Jewish community now and for the future. As the most visited Jewish organizations in the Twin Cities, each week bringing thousands of people together, the JCCs have served our community for over 100 years – for our grandparents, our parents, our children, our friends, our neighbors. Our unparalleled level of inclusivity is what brings the entire community together, serving the needs of Jewish and secular communities alike.

Over the past several years, there has been a shift within the community to become one Twin Cities community. The JCCs recognize this shift, and as the demographics of the Jewish community continue to change, the JCCs must work together to achieve their missions and to stay sustainable for the long term.

To that end, The JCCs are exploring how a Twin Cities JCC, with multiple campuses, has the potential to serve more people with greater impact.

Why are the JCCs exploring the potential of a Twin Cities JCC with multiple campuses?
• The leadership from both Minneapolis and St. Paul understand the value of strategically planning for the future
• Both JCCs have stable membership, growing fund development, excellent staff, strong leadership and a robust mix of enriching programming for all ages.
• This is the right time: the demographics of the Jewish community continues to change, both JCCs have robust mix of revenue producing, mission based, life enriching programming, growing membership and fundraising contribution, and JCCs have tenured, talented staff and lay leadership
• The missions are aligned
• The JCCs have proven success working together

How have the JCCs explored this concept?
• The JCCs entered into a management agreement on 1/1/19 and how have a shared CEO – a critical next step in developing a deeper understanding of the two JCCs
• The Twin Cities JCCs Steering Committee, co-chaired by the board presidents and comprised of leaders from the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities, was formed to explore the concept of a Twin Cities JCC and make recommendations to both boards about the best path forward
• The Steering Committee engaged consultants, JCC stakeholders, community partners and field experts to help study our current organizations and best practices in the non-profit and business communities
• Four community information sessions were held and the Steering Committee collected community feedback which is integrated into the recommendations

What are the overall preliminary findings of the Steering Committee?
• There are no identified cultural, community or human resource issues that would impede the development of a Twin Cities JCC
• A Twin Cities JCC, with multiple campuses, will serve more people with greater impact, and mitigate operating and performance risk by providing funding to invest in our:
• Facilities: through ongoing capital repair and maintenance
• People: through scholarships and professional development
• Programs: through innovation and growth

How does a Twin Cities JCC impact the Twin Cities?
• A Twin Cities JCC, with multiple campuses, will serve more people with greater impact, and mitigate operating and performance risk
• Maximizes the talents of our professionals and elimination duplication of efforts by creating synergies
• A Twin Cities JCC provides the opportunity to adopt best practices around governance and lay leader partnership that has proven so successful in guiding the organizations through this time of major change and growth

What’s Next?
• The two JCC Boards will vote in November and will decide how, when, and if we should move forward with the Steering Committee recommendations

Keeping our community informed and updated is a priority of the Steering Committee. Please check back for updates.

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