We thank all of our generous donors for their support of the Sabes JCC and its various programs. We are especially thankful to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation for their continued support of our mission.

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


Affiance Financial, LLC- Sheri & Steve Lear, Barb & Andy Fishman, and Michele & Seth Meisler
Culp Family Foundation
Betsy and Julius Edlavitch
Bernice and Percy Greenberg
Pat and Tom Grossman
The Heilicher Foundation
Kris and John MacDonald
Numero Steinfeldt Foundation
Oren and Sharron Steinfeldt Family Foundation
Toodie and Frank Trestman Special Needs and Collaborative Education Fund
Tychman Shapiro Gallery Fund
Sheldon Z. Wert Scholarship Fund
The Wert Family


BMO Harris Bank
Ingrid and Chris Culp
Pamela and Ted Deikel
Vivian and Robert Ezrilov
Linda and Michael Fiterman
Jacob Garber Family Camp Scholarship Fund
Carolyn Gerr
Cindi and Harold Goldfine
Hennepin Theatre Trust
Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School
Holmes/CSM Family Foundation
Barbara and Irv Kessler
Sheri and Steve Lear
Sheila and Stephen Lieberman
Mall of America
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Lynne and Andy Redleaf
Nancy and Steve Schachtman
Nancy and Michael Schoenberger
Tankenoff Families Foundation
Twin City Fan and Blower and the Barry family


ALLINC- Melanie and Mark Rutzick & Molly and Ryan Rutzick
Peggy and Weyland Anderson
Bobbi and Robert Aronson
Julius and Jean Badiner Memorial Fund
Robert and Ben Badiner Memorial Fund
Baratz Family Foundation
Bearence Management Group- Phil and Tammie Rosenbloom
Timothy Cashin
Susan and Michael Horovitz
Clara Ruth Kaner Fund
Diana Chazin Levitt Endowment Fund
Dr. Fred Noah Gordon Donor Advised Fund
Jeanne and Stan Kagin
Jamie and Josh Kasdan
Lupient Automotive Group
Lurie, LLP
Debbie and Gil Mann
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Jerel and Judy Shapiro
Wendy Lovell-Smith and Colin Smith
Steven Scott Management Inc.
Estelle and Robert Stillman
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
William Weisman
William and Elinor Locketz Foundation


Romy and Stuart Ackerberg
Alex & Mollie Tankenoff Family Foundation
Bader Development
Sarah and Mike Badower
Jay Beaulieu
Harry Beck Trust
Bernick Lifson, P.A.
Janice and Gary Berscheid
Joanne Ferraro and Bob Beugen
Lisa Capp
CBIZ MHM- David Levi
Lynn Blumenthal and Stuart Chazin
Beverly and Richard Fink
Fred & Tamara Wildauer Endowment Fund for Children
Heidi and Howard Gilbert
GoldenbergLaw, PLLC
Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis
Merle and Mort Kane
Marilyn Karasov
Laurie and David Levi
Helen and Ivor Lewis
Gail and Steve Machov
Maslon LLP
Michael McElroy
Dennis Panzer
Jacki Paster
Louise and Jerry Ribnick
Harold Roitenberg
Ronald Fingerhut Family Foundation
Schechter Dokken Kanter CPAs
Stinson Leonard Street
Tilsner Carton Co.
Randi Levine and Joshua Wert
Elizabeth and Bill Wilcox
Wilf Family Foundation


Joyce and David Abramson
Judy and Ronald Adams
Anonymous (2)
Sharon Ansel
Marlys and Elliott Badzin
Rosalyn & Michael Baker Yiddish Cultural Program Fund
Linda and Bob Barrows
Melanie Barry
BDS Laundry Management
Lyle Berman
Best Buy Co. Inc.
Stacy Pinck and Brad Birnberg
Bremer Bank
Brothers Manufacturing
Nancy Brown
Carmen and Jim Campbell
Melody and Larry Chestler
Andrea and Rabbi Norman Cohen
Elaine and Gary Dachis
Lucy and Robert De Mars
Wendy and Randy Engel
Tamar Fenton and David Pink
Brett Fingerhut
Floyd Total Security
Clifford Fraser
Brian Garon Memorial Fund
Debra Oberman and Mark Gittleman
Mimi Gleekel
Marlene and Sanford Goldberg
Bonnie and Lester Goldblatt
Susan and William Goldenberg
Kay and Bruce Goldstein
Dani and David Gotlieb
Cindy and Craig Greenberg
Steven Greenberg
Marissa and Harrison Grodnick
Jonathan Gross
Grossman Holocaust Endowment Fund
Judith and Jon Harris
Hodroff-Epstein Memorial Chapels
Horovitz/Lang/Klarfeld Families
Charles Horwitz
Sherry and Phillip Jaffe
Jayhawk Mechanical, Inc.
Mary and James Jetland
Julius Ancer Senior Fitness Philanthropic Fund
Steve Kalin
Sylvia and Sam Kaplan
Audrey and Alvin Kaufman
Rachel & Michael Klein Inclusion Fund
Margie and Steve Krause
Mollie and Roy Krengel
Linda and Steven Krikava
Barbara and Gary Krupp
David Lerner Cardiac Education Fund
Corky and Delores Levin
George Levine Memorial Sauna, Whirlpool, Track Fund
Lexus of Wayzata & Lexus of Maplewood
Suzanne Fenton and Dan Lieberman
Maryann Lippay
London Athletic Field Fund
Robert MacDonald
Marlene and Marshall Miller
Lynn Hebert and Mike Miller
Amy Taswell and Jim Moscowitz
Candice and Charles Nadler
Nilan Johnson Lewis PA
Bruce Nimmer
North American Banking Company
Barbara Ziman Pentelovitch Indoor/Outdoor Pool Fund
Bill Pentelovitch
Lioudmila Sitnikova and Ilya Perepelitsyn
Helain and Jimmy Pesis
Dorothy and Norman Pink
Diane and Jon Rappaport
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Marcy Frost and Mark Ratner
Ratner Steel Supply Company
Edith and Sheldon* Rein
Robins Kaplan LLP
Jodi and Daniel Rosen
Janice and Jeffrey Schachtman
Yvonne and Chuck Selcer
Cindy and Joel Shapiro
Wendy and James Shear
Elaine Siegel
Signature Bank
Anita Silver
Artice* and Mort Silverman
Judy and Lee Snitzer
Sandy and Jason Sondell
Sterling Retirement Resources, Inc.
Nicole Summers
The Broms Family Foundation
The Goodman Group
Thomson Reuters
Donald Maurice Tikalsky Camp Fund
Gail and Joel Tilsner
Tom Tracy
UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement
Kathy and Howard Zack
Zamansky Professional Association


Murray Abry Equipment Fund
Loni and Darrell Ansel
Sue and Sol Awend
Tamar and David Bagley
Susan Colby and Lawrence Baill
Banyan Tree Asset Managament
Frank Barnwell
Judith Belzer and Jerry Waldman
Carol and Michael Berde
Reuben & Isabel Berman Family Orchestra Fund
Jack and Francis Beugen ECC Endowment Fund
Susan Chalfen and Dan Silvers
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Soni and Michael Cohen
Crown Bank
Esther Goldberg-Davis and Rabbi Alexander Davis
Michelle Drake and Michael Flamenbaum
Deborah Eisenstadt
Hillary and Daniel Feder
Caryn Fine and Beth Swedberg
Gigi and Ronald Fingerhut
Frances & Samuel D. Finkelstein Enhancement Fund
Susan and Steven Fiterman
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Alexander “Sasha” Garon Memorial Fund
Katie Amundson and Dan Gelfand
Dana Gilbert and Matt Sanders
Marvin Gilman
Debbie and Mark Glotter
Barbara and Muharrem Gokcen
Audrey and Mace Goldfarb
Sally Gordon and Gallen Benson
General Purpose Fund
Gil Greenberg Scholarship Fund
Susan and Doug Greenberg
Kim and Clifford Greene
Arlis and Erv Grossman
Susan and Gerry Hughes
Judith and Jerome Ingber
Ann Rockler Jackson and Robert Jackson
Kane Older Adult Scholarship Fund
Cindy and Doug Kanter
Beverly and Michael Karch
Arielle Kaufman and Ohad Ludomirsky
Mitchel Kirshbaum
Christine and John Kitchener
Kleinman Realty Co.
Eileen and David Kohn
Elizabeth and Charles Langmack
Renee and Wade Lau
Reida Lazer-Chein and David Chein
Karee and Brad Lehrman
Library Fund
Betty Sue and David Lipschultz
Amy Rosenblatt Lui and David Lui
Nathan McCurren
Alvin Miller
Gail and Howie Milstein
Frances and Joseph Moses
Robin Neidorf and Andrew Sullivan
Stuart Nolan
Les Novak
Marcia and Allen Oleisky
Jill and David Orbuch
Joyce and Martin Orbuch
Karin Wentz and Mark Otness
Vicki Raport and Guff Van Vooren
Debra Rappaport and Robert Zelle
Fred Rappaport Memorial Endowment Fund
Janet Raskin
Barbara and Robert Rosen
Toni and Mike Rosen
Ellen Etzkin and Harold Rosenthal
Linda and Max Rutman
Sheva and Tom Sanders
Susi Saxl and Robert Kramer
Nicole and Todd Schachtman
Eileen and Harold Scherling
Louise and Steven Schoenberger
Don Schroeder
Eric Seed
Temma Shankman and Jim Hyman
Robert and Sarah Shragg
Joanne and Michael Silverman
Simon Showroom
Elizabeth and Benjamin Smith
Sherry L. Stern and Steven J. Snyder
Liba and Thomas Stillman
Laurie and Greg Swiler
James Tankenoff
Temple Israel
The Maintenance Team, Inc.
Stephani and Jim Tikalsky
Annette Weinberg
Judy Witebsky
Randi Winston and Barry Wolfish
Herschel Wolpert Memorial Fund
Jonathan Yanta
Amy and David Zaroff
Bonnie and Alan Ziskin


Steve and Sheri Abrams
Adath Jeshurun Congregation
Tony Ahl
Lisa and Glenn Aronauer
Artists in Residence Fund
Scott and Kerry Bader
Robb and Marissa Bader
Irene Bartram
Neville and Michelle Basman
Jeffrey Bassin and Jane Harris
Braden Beam and Jennifer Koontz
James and Sally Beloff
Jon and Jenny Benowitz
Margo Berdass
Kathy Bernick
Marshall and Shirley Besikof
Beth El Synagogue
Sue and Mike Blehert
Hanna Bloomfield and Robert Karasov
Chad and Dina Blumenfield
Edward Borkon
Bormann Marketing, Inc
Eileen Bream
Andrea Brink
Karen and Raymond Brolsma
Michael and Carol Bromer
Richard and Cathy Broms
Tim and Marilyn Broms
Steve Brown
Howard Chanen
Arvin and Paula Cohen
Richard and Judy Cook
Lucien Cravens
Nathan and Judith Curland
Surrie and Chuck Desnick
Bob and Susan Diamond
Thomas Eisenstadt
Gerald and Marlys Evans
Jon and Holly Brod Farber
Merrill and Roberta Fischbein
Robert and Linda Fisher
William and Bev Fishman
Joe and Gloria Fredkove
Brad and Lori Fritz
Doug Fulton
Barry and Lili Garfinkel
Allan and Idy Garvis
Andrew and Rosalie Gellman
Keith Gershkow
Karen and Bruce Gershman
Dennis Gettler
Sophia Gilbert Older Adult Music Education Fund
Alan and Roni Gingold
Elaine Gingold
Marshall and Nancy Golden
Chad and Debra Goldenberg
Herb Goldenberg
Jacob and Linda Goldenberg
Alan and Nancy Goldfarb
Steve and Jill Gottlieb
Steven Graybow
Joel Greenwald and Carol Grabowski
Allie and Brian Hage
Andrew and Judy Halper
Joy & Sid Harris Cultural Arts Fund
Leslie Held and Jim Chucker
Marshall and Denise Hertz
Eric Hiner
David and Nyla Hodgson
William and Sharon Hope
Alan and Evie Ingber
Mindy Isaacs
Betsy and Howard Israelson
Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota & the Dakotas
Michael Kadesky
Mary Kaeding and Stu Naber
Daniel and Lauren Kaplan
Elliot and Eloise Kaplan
Suzanne and Harvey Kaplan
Steve Karbon
Robert and Stefanie Karon
Hal Kaufman and Julie Berman
Lennie and Jill Kaufman
Linda and Scott Ketover
Jane and Bob Ketroser
Lee and Miriam Kieffer
James and Linda Kiehne
Janie and Orrin Kirschbaum
Steven and Miriam Klane
Judy Lebedoff* and Hugh Klein
Sarah Kohler
Cynthia and Joe Kozloff
Julia and Yan Kravchenko
Allen and Diane Kuperman
Maier and Adina Kutoff
Beatrice LaMonica
Bruce and Amy Langer
Judy Lear and James Dockman
Ed and Stephanie Lefkow
Paula and Marshall Lehman
Harry Lerner Library Fund
Mark Lerner
Leonard Levine
David Levy
Jeffrey Levy and Martin Jehn
Marilyn and Martin Lipschultz
Bill Lipschultz
Melanie MacLean
Tom Magne
Cecily Marcus and Steve Perry
Herman and Nancy Markowitz
Geraldine McGrane
Michael Mesich
Lyndon Minks
Minneapolis Jewish Youth Choir Program Fund
Minnesota Rabbinical Association
Gail Mirviss Berman and Frank Berman
Joel and Danna Mirviss
Rebecca and Eddie Moradian
JL Nitschke
Tom OBrien
Etta Fay Orkin
David and Gabrielle Parish
Patron of the Arts Fund
Diane Pecoraro
Steve Reichelt
Susan and Michael Resnick
Steven Gregory Rice Memorial Tournament Fund
Benjamin and Joan Rischall
Fred and Andrea Rose
Richard and Sandra Ross
Sally Rubenstein
Bruce Rubinger and Joan Ellen Schwartz
Randy and Sheryl Rutzick
Jon and Kristine Sabes
Mark and Gail Satz
Judy and Steve Schumeister
David and Renee Segal
Martin Segal
Stanley Segelbaum
Rabbi Yosef and Chana Shagalow
David Shapiro
Allan and Kathy Share
Cari and Jeff Shaw
Lois Siegel
Ken Small
Corey Smith
Jeff Spencer
Richard and Judy Spiegel
Jerry and Linda Steiner
Oren J. Steinfeldt Fund
Lloyd and Vicki Stern
Lori Stotesbery
Eileen Strauss and Harold Kaplan
Talmud Torah of Minneapolis
Whitney Teel and Ben Paar
Troup Family Inclusion Fund
Marilyn Vinokour
Bryan and Amy Wall
Dorothy Weiner Memorial Fund
Judy Weinstine
Jon & RuthAnn Weiss Special Needs Fund
Jennifer Wetteland
Rose Wexler Memorial Playground Fund
Sanford White
David and Lisa Wolfe
Harry and Belle Yaffe
Dan Yaman
Jack and Sylvia Zouber


Sandra Aaron
Rabbi Kassel Abelson
Joan and Jack Abrahamson
Ron and Joanne Abrams
Ackerberg Family Campsite Fund
AISH Minnesota
Gilya Alchits
All Sport Photography/ Bloom Photography
Amateur Radio Fund
Jody Anderson
Philip Anderson and Donna Ahrens
Neil and Sharon Anderson
John and Patsey Angier
Erin Ankin
Anonymous (2)
Howard Ansel
Steve Ansel
Mark Appelbaum
Terry and Jack Appleman
Diane and Ivan Arenson
Steve and Diane Arenson
Naomi and Neil Arnold
Donna Arriaga
Arts Angels Fund
Daniel Ashare
Claire Avitabile
Josh and Robyn Awend
Herb and Vicki Bacal
Barbara Bach
Kristi Bader and Gary Swartz
Steve and Arlene Badiner
Sheldon and Abby Badzin
Robert and Estelle Baldinger
Michael and Victoria Barnett
Patricia Baskin
Robyn and Jason Bass
Laura Batzli
Benjamin and Julie Baum
Mary and Jack Baumgarten
Lee and Barbara Bearmon
Jamie Beisch
Lee and Harel Ben-David
Paul and Linda Benenson
Avner Ben-Ner
Elaine and Tom Bercher
Bruce and Bonnie Berezovsky
Susan Bergstrom
David Berman and Maggie Meagher
Lois Berman
Justin and Meira Besikof
Kevin and Heather Besikof
Bet Shalom Congregation
Troy and Mara Beugen
Jill Binder
Benno Black
Bette Ann and Richard Bloom
Gary and Susan Bloom
Peggy Bloom
Wendy Bloom
Dr. Paul and Carlyn Blum
Susan and Ron Blum
Shellie Blumenfield
Allen and Shussie Blumenthal
Jerri Boisvert
Bard Borkon and Julie Silverman
Virginia Bratter
Darlene and Larry Braufman
Miles and Linda Braufman
McKenzie Brink
Lisa Bromley
Barbara Brooks
Ken Brooks
Lane Brooks
Dr. David & Jane Broude
Eva Broude
Cindy & Don Brown
Jacalyn and Bill Broze
Shawn Bulgatz and Naomi Heller
Cristin Burnett
Paul Burnett
Ann Burns
Stanley Burstein
Elaine Burton
Alan Calof
Camp Ramah
Alexandra Cervenka
Britney Chaffee
Susie Chalom and Paul Weiner
Deborah Charloff
Alan and Carmella Chazin
Marty and Sara Chelstrom
Mark and Marcia Cherniack
Judy Chucker
Connie and Lauren Clayman
Yaffa Cohen Appelbaum
Gary and Christine Cohen
Gary Cohen and Margaret Macneale
William and Peggy Cohn
Jill Crimmings
Kim Culp
Daniels Family Endowment Fund
Alex Dashe
Morris and Karen Davidman
Carole Davidson
Ira Davis
Michael Davis
Shari and Barry Davis
Diane Dempsey
Diehl & Partners LLC
Alan and Susan Divine
Mark Divine
Lynn Dixon
Dale and Lois Dobrin
Judy Dodd
Beverly Dolinsky
Deborah Donaldson
Len Druskin and Lori Ryan
Anita and John Duder
Tina and David Edstam
Joy Efron
Barbara Eiger
Isaac and Dory Einisman
Mitchell and Corrine Einzig
Gal Elishvili
Michael and Judith Emmons
Steven Engelson
Harold Engler
Patti and Lee Engler
Eugene and Carole Epstein
Heidi Eskenazi
Audrey and Paul Estrin
Ephi Eyal
David Eyngorn
Roy and Judith Falness
Adam and Deborah Fefferman
David Feiler
Joan Feinberg
Thomas and Corrine Feinberg
David and Jane Feldman
Noah and Aimee Feldman
Joyce Field
Sylvia and Bob Fine
Judith Fink
Jerry and Beverly Finkelstein
Steven and Stacy Finkelstein
Kenneth Fischman
Sally Fisher
Andrew and Barbara Fishman
Stella Fishman
Janet Flam
Anne and Staunton Flanders
Jennifer and John Flavin
Harvey and Evelyn Flom
Joshua and Shelley Fogelson
Midge Frailich
Alvera Franceschi
Jeremy and Kara Frank
Rachael Freed
Sari Freedman
Andrea Freidberg
Barb and Zola Friedman
Marc Friedman
Sandra Friedman
Roberta Friedman
Allan Frisch
Michael and Bernice Frisch
Margie and Don Frishberg
Jerry Fudenberg
Igor and Elissa Furman
Michael and Revital Furman
Henry Gagner
Avi Galili
Robert and Penny Galinson
Karen Ganitsky
Eric and Nina Ganz
Michal and Micah Garber
Phil and Phyllis Garon
Lorraine Garon
Carole and Ignacio Garrigos
Judy Gaviser
Michael and Marilyn Gawronski
Letty Gears
Nella Gelfand
Loren and Rosie Geller
Todd and Amy Geller
Alla and Rafi Geretz
Jack and Rachel Geretz
Barry and Carolyn Gerr Scholarship Fund for Children
Joan Gerr
Julie Gerr
Sharon and Paul Gerr
Linda and Barry Gersick
Patrick Gibbons
Pierre Girard
Archie Givens and Carol Meshbesher
Barbara and Steven Godes
Jan and Barry Godes
Otis Godfrey
Ezra Golberstein and Sarah Gollust
Ruth Goldberg
Stanley and Luella Goldberg
Benjamin and Fruma Goldfarb
Stanley Goldstein
Lillian Goltzman
Sarah Gonsior
Avron and Bari Gordon
Joy Gordon
Jason and Jacy Grais
Norton and Susan Gray
Joy Greenberg
Mickey Greenberg & Shelley Kornblum
Joel and Jessica Greenblatt
Ida Greenfield
Jim and Nan Greenfield
Michael and Teri Greenstein
Victor and Melanie Greenstein
Charles Gribble
Peter and Susan Gross
Charles and Pam Grossman
Neal Gruenberg
Ruth Goldman Gulinson ECC Scholarship Fund
James and Barbara Gurovitsch
Inna Gusovskaya
Gerald and Terry Hallfin
Bruce and Susie Hammer
Adele and Steven Hansen
Barbara Harris
David Harris
Joanne Harris
Marcy Harris
Scott and Andrea Harris
Maureen Hartung
Debra Altschuler and Eric Hausman
Adriane and Nate Heflin
Jack Held
Max Hendrix
Jane Hensen
Jeff Herman and Liba Zweigbaum Herman
Michael and Elaine Herman
Stan Herman
Herzl Camp Association
Merle and Anne Hillman
Hodroff and Sons Funeral Chapel Children’s Funds
Earl and Barbara Hoffman
Holding Fund
Michael Hofkin and Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Jordan and Joyce Holtzman
Rose and Matt Horovitz
Marilyn Horowitz
Gregory and Stacy Horwitz
Katy Hughes
Ann Hunegs
Karen and David Hyman
Marvin and Diane Ingber
Shelly Itman and Richard Studer
Sara Jaehne
Kaisa Johnson
Peter and Betty Jonas
David Jones and Rachel Orman
Phyllis Kahn
Howard and Marlee Kaminsky
Joel Kaplan
Manuel Kaplan
Martin and Carole Kaplan
Myrna Kaplan
Rosalind Kaplan
Shirley and Arnold Kaplan
Shayne Karasov
Jeffrey and Raleigh Karatz
Andy Karch and Kaori Yamada
Mark Karon
Leona Karsh
Mark and Sandra Kaster
Gail Katz
Mitchell and Fay Kaye
Delores Kelber
Roxanne Kelber
Robert and Tasya Kelen
Ronald and Rita Kelner
Marc and Pam Kermisch
Lili and David* Khabie
Nissim and Wendy Khabie
Eva Kieffer
Joanne Kieffer
Stephen and Cyrile Kieffer
Jessica Kingston
Frank Kiperstin Heartworks Fund
Sharon and Jeffrey Kivens
Murray Klane
Carol and Richard Klegon
Ellen Kleinbaum
Miriam and Robert Kleinbaum
Rick and Terry Kleinbaum
Leo Kleiner
Susan Klett
Roz Kloner
Debbie and Gary Kohler
Ms. Mary Koppel
Yuli Kornblum
Judith Kramer
Harriette Krasnoff
Craig and Riva Kupritz
Janis Kuretsky
Tala and Mitchell Kuretsky
Daniel and Vi La Belle
Sharlene Ladin
Sandra Laskin
Gerald and Joellyn Laurie
Katherine and John Lavelle
Bonnie and Steve Lazar
Mimi Lebewitz
Bobbie Lebewitz
Jodi Lebewitz-Davis and Michael Davis
Gwyneth Leder
Lori Leder-Fogel and Arnold Fogel
Terry Lehman
Zvi and Arlene Leibovich
Arthur and Gloria Leon
Stan and Sue Leonard
Jack Levi
Jules and Rose Levin
Sidney and Francis Levin Youth Sports Fund
Harold and Phillis Levine
Carole and Leonard Levine
Mark Levine
Sharon Levine
Joan Levinsohn
Sharon Levitsky
Anita Levy
Tom and Amy Lieberman
Phil and Barbara Lindblad
Thomas Lindborg
William and Patricia Lisberg
Marvin and Judith Liszt
Miles and Sandra Locketz
Richard and Ronna Locketz
Susanna and Tim Lodge
Richard and Carol Logan
Reuben Lubka and Gail Freedman
Terry and Terri Lundquist
Michael Luxenberg
Maccabi Youth Games Fund
Michael and Rebecca Madigan
Sarahlee and Israel Magrisso
Paula and Robert Maisel
Stan Maisel
Nancy Malone
Marcia Marcus
Gayle Marko
Schelomo and Tamar Marmor
Sharon Mastoon
Naomi Maul
Heather McCollor
Seth and Michele Meisler
Lilly Mercer
Robert and Mary Mersky
Metro Emergency Managers Association
Diane and Alan Miller
Brandon Miller
Esther Miller
Bernie and Noreen Milstein
Jonathan and Sally Minsberg
Michael and Diane Mintz
Ella Mogilevsky
Henry and Peggy Moller
Jack and Eva Moreimi
Bruce and Louise Moss
Saul Myers Men’s Health Center Fund
Morton and Micki Naiman
National Council of Jewish Women
NCSY Minneapolis Chapter
Dana and Ellen Nelson
Anthony Neuman
Daniel Nordlund
Joseph Novich
Michael Novick
Charlotte Nudell
Arnie and Annalee Odessky
Older Adult Fund
Janet Olfe
Michael and Susan Oreck
John and Debbie Orenstein
Myrna Orensten
Sue Ostfield
Charles and Marjorie Ostrov
James and Pamela Ottenstein
Joel and Naomi Oxman
Phil Oxman and Harvey Zuckman
Christopher and Meryll Page
Jonathon and Ellen Sue Parker
Larry and Barb Parks
Partners In Pediatrics
Denise and Robin Pasmanter
Justin and Lynn Perl
Norman Perl
Taeko and Dallis Perry
Deanna Phillips
Abram Plotkin
Polaris Industries Inc.
Burton and Shirley Politz
Raul and Mia Posada
Ilya Pozdniakov
Richard and Susan Proman
Jeffrey and Dana Prottas
Scott and Beth Puchtel
Toni and Sanford Raihill
Joel Rasmusson
Barbara Ratner
Marna Reed
Robert Rees
Gloria Rice
Joshua and Jennifer Riff
Mark and Judy Ring
Chuck and Rollye Rinkey
Michal Rishchall and Keith Schulhof
Kent Rissman and Linda Hulbert
Ricki Roberts and Mark Simon
Ann Robinow
Pat and Ronald Rollins
James Ronald
Dan Rooney
Jason and Lindsey Rose
Barb Rosen
Dave and Layne Rosen
Richard and Elaine Rosen
Martin and Tema Rosenbaum
Brian and Samantha Rosenberg
Bruce and Leslie Rosenberg
Margot and Alex Rosenstein
Roslyn Rubenstein
Dana Rubin
Jana Rubin
Joyce Rubin
Roger and Barb Rubin
Steve and Wendy Rubin
Barbara Rubin-Greenberg and Barry Greenberg
Donald Rudin
Alan Rudnick
Charlotte Rutman Memorial Fund
Marlene Rutman
Jim and Sandra Rutzick
Oleg Ryaboy and Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy
Traci and Jonathan Saliterman
Matthew and Rebecca Sanders
Stephanie Sarantopoulos and Robert Martin
Douglas and Joanne Savitt
Gregg and Debra Savitt
Steven Savitt and Gloria Kumagai
Myrna and Bill Schaeffer
Vaughan and Lisa Schaub
Deborah and Jeffrey Schein
Ruth Schloff
Susan and Joshua Schneck
Heidi Schneider and Joel Mintzer
William Schneider
Michael and Nancy Schoenberger Inclusion Fund
Arnie Schribman
Darlene Schwartz
Steven Schwartz
Brenda and Todd Schwartzberg
David and Rosalyn Schwartzman
Jon and Jane Schwartzman
Faith Schway
Christine Scott
Howard and Millie Segal
Shelley Segal
Lauren Selnick and Michael Nadel
Allan Shapiro and Kathy Lebewitz
Scott and Beth Shapiro
Carol Shapiro
Dana Shapiro
Emily and Daniel Shapiro
Larry and Nancy Shapiro
Lawrence and Michelle Shapiro
Merle Shapiro
Mert and Leslee Shapiro
Mr. Mike Shapiro
Cindy and Barry Shear
Pearl and Sheldon Sheps
Neal and Judith Sher
David and Julie Sherman
Jeffrey Sherman
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Marilyn Shuman
Rhona Shwaid and John Wolpert
Rick and Helen Siegel
Steven and Sheila Sigel
Steve and Laura Silberfarb
Andrew Silberman
Sheldon and Melissa Silberman
Janny and Alan Silver
Robert S. Silvers Memorial Fund
Dan and Diane Silverberg
Thomas and Deborah Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Singer
Hidee Singer
Harold Sklar Youth Basketball Fund
Linda and Tom Sklar
William and Frances Skolnick
Sharon and William Sledz
Maraline Slovut
Andrea and Benjamin Smith
Nancy Smith
Steven Smith
Mark and Ana Sneider
Sharon Snyder
Lois Claire Solomon
Michelle Solomon
Susan Spray
Gerald Stamm
Sandra Stanley
Bonnie and Arthur Stein
Lisa Stein
Sue Stein
Susan Steinberg
Randall Steinman
Evan Stern
Shayla and Matthew Stern
Michael and Amy Stern
Ione Stiegler
Bruce Stillman
Chelle and Marvin Stillman
Thomas and Sue Stillman
William Strifert & Julie Sinykin
Judith Strohl
Mike and Cheri Sudit
Phyllis Sudit
Jean Sulzle
Lauren and Bradley Sundick
Dan Sussman
Stephen and Harriet Swartz
Harriet Swatez
Hector and Diane Sztainer
Helene and J.R. Tapper
Sharon Tapper
Howard and Janet Tarkow
Saul Taylor
John and Doran Thayer
Theatre Arts Facilities Fund
Barbara Tillman
Bill and Ryvelle Tilsner
Howard and Debbie Toberman
Bill and Sharon Torodor
Jerry and Sharon Trestman
Sam Troup
Jeff and Stacie Usem
Matt Walzer
Robert Warshawsky
Leigh Waterman
Guy Watkins
Deborah and Dick Wegener
Beverly Weinberg
Susan Weinberg
Joan Weiner
Aaron Weininger
Janet and Luke Weisberg
Josh and Lauren Weiser
Etan Weiss
Josi Wert
Ardis Wexler
Rick and Carole Wiederhorn
Seymour and Sybil Wilensky
Karen and Alan Winner
Allen and Anne Wolf
Randee and Samuel Wolfson
Patricia Wolkoff
Harold Wolovitch
Joni Yarmo
Stuart and Dian Yellen
Vladimir and Valentina Yevzelman
Ronald and Lynn Zamansky
Ed and Jane Zeman
Penny and Mark Ziessman
Shirley Zimmerman
Laurence and Shirley Zipkin
Danny and Dawn Zouber
Anastazja Zvoleff
Larry and Barbara Zweigbaum

We apologize if anyone’s name was inadvertently left of this list. Please notify us of any errors at 952-381-3514.

*We note the passing of these members of the JCC family

Please note – Names of donors are listed according to information received when pledges are made or donations arrive. If you would like to be listed differently in the future, please let us know.