We provide opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, races and backgrounds, and genders and sexual orientations for inclusion in all programs. Our inclusion philosophy is woven into the fabric of each and every department at the J.  We work to build community where everyone acknowledges and respects people’s differences, while celebrating each individual’s inherent uniqueness.


PCLG Online Parent Support Group meets virtually the second Thursday of every month.

Parent/Caregiver Support Group Mtg – February 9, 2022

Contact Karen at karenmalka@hotmail.com or Elizabeth at madgemo@comcast.net

Early Childhood

Direct support for preschool-aged children, training and development in Inclusive classroom practices for staff, and additional resources for parents/families

Children & Youth

Resources for families, staff development, and trained advocates to support children attending day camps, after-school, sports, and cultural arts programs


Adapted group classes such as Drums Alive, Yoga, Zumba, art, theater, movie nights, friendship classes, and volunteer programs

Inclusion Experiences

Community Resources

Monthly support group for parents and caregivers of children and young adults who have disabilities, as well as relevant informative seminars on a variety of topics

Community Resources

Health & Wellness

One-to-one personal and group training tailored to the unique needs of adults with developmental disabilities in the inclusive setting of the JCC’s fitness center

Education in Collaboration
with Sha’arim

Ongoing meaningful educational and social Jewish community programs designed to meet the specific needs of Jewish children and adults with disabilities to foster a feeling of connection to each other and to being Jewish. Visit the Sha’arim website.