Tychman Shapiro Gallery

FALL Season


*Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue

October 9 – November 2, 2014

This exhibit features uniquely crafted tzedakah boxes by select Twin Cities artists, exploring an array of materials, artist collaborations and various aspects of tzedakah.

Tzedakah is loosely translated as charity. The Torah strongly enjoins, “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof, righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue.” Rabbinical commentators have said that the repetition of the word justice is designed to underline the importance of the command. Tzedakah is given as an act of redress, as part of the process of seeking a just world, both in charity and acts of loving kindness.

The gallery is lined with over a dozen uniquely crafted tzedakah boxes, ranging from traditional to modern interpretations of tzedakah, by individual artists as well as several artist collaborations. The exhibit is planned in conjunction with a special tzedakah box commissioned in memory of David Tychman, of whose family the gallery is named, created by local mixed-media artist, Jody Winger. Winger’s tzedakah has been permanently installed in the Tychman Shapiro Gallery. Following the exhibit the accompanying tzedakah boxes will be donated to organizations throughout the community.

Participating Artists Include (individuals and collaborations):
Robyn & Josh Awend / Sonya Berlovitz / David Feinberg / Mimi Fisher & David Harris of Rimon / Bonnie Heller / Liba Zweigbaum Herman / Emily Isenberg / Jay Isenberg & Lynda-Monick Isenberg / Larry Pepper & Dana Yugend Pepper / Paula Leiter Pergament / Alexander Tylevich / Jody Winger / Sharon Zweigbaum.

Artist Reception: 5:00 PM / Dedication: 6:00 PM