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Create a mini-mural on plywood (supplies provided), and all finished artwork will be displayed in St. Louis Park parks on weekend beginning September 12!

All ages and abilities welcome!


MUDDY WATERS: Climate change, the environment and what we can learn from Jewish texts

Muddy Waters explores a wide array of pressing environmental issues using a diverse breadth of art forms. These new works comment both subtly and overtly on the current state of our planet, our responsibility to serve as activists and how art plays a key role in making change.


The Interfaith Artist Circle of the Twin Cities is a group of visual artists who pursue art as a spiritual journey. Originally founded in 2005 as the Jewish Women Artists’ Circle, the group now includes women artists from multiple faiths. The exhibit, Visual Prayer is the creative exploration of prayer through images, finding commonality and connectivity as well as diversity among religions. This exhibit was curated by Aimee Orkin, a Judaic artist and teacher who embarked on a one year sabbatical studying prayer with rabbis, scholars and cantors. “We hope our interfaith exhibits in the community will inspire collaboration among all faiths,” states Aimee Orkin.

Artists include: Jeanne Aaron, Beth Andrews, Hend Al-Mansour, Sandy M. Baron, Jane Bassuk, Kirsten Malcolm Berry, Sandra Brick, Gloria Cooper, Elizabeth Erickson, Lucy Rose Fischer, Renanah (Rani) Halpern, Angela Heida, Joyce Lyon, Aimee Orkin, Paula Leiter Pergament, Susan Peploe, Regula Ruselle, Anita White, Rochelle Woldorsky

May 31 – August 31, 2020


Enjoy watching members from our own community as they perform amazingly funny and poignant stories from their own lives – recorded live at the 2019 Twin Cities Jewish Humorfest.

The search for Jewish film begins and ends with  JFI On Demand, an innovative curated streaming service of Jewish films.

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Mondays • 10:30 AM – Noon
Do you have a passion for words? Join like-minded writers in this supportive and uncritical weekly creative writing group.

To join the group, contact Barbie Levine at blevine@stpauljcc.org.

A new, weekly video series of thoughtful conversations with Jewish LGBTQ leaders about what sustains us and keeps us hopeful. These pre-recorded video conversations are available on Keshet’s YouTube channel,, with new episodes posted midday each Wednesday.


Zehorit was born in Israel to a Yemenite immigrant family. Growing up in multi-cultural Givat Olga, she experienced Israel’s rich ethnic diversity through food and celebration. Following high school graduation, Zehorit Joined the Israeli army, where she became an officer, finishing her service as a lieutenant. She then majored in English Literature and Political Science at the Tel Aviv University.

While working in a Minneapolis summer camp she met her husband and relocated. Since then Zehorit has been raising her 4 children, teaching cooking classes in both the Jewish and the general communities and volunteering. Zehorit brings to the kitchen her Mediterranean roots, her passion for healthy and flavorful dishes and her love of people and storytelling. Teaching in the Twin cities for the past 10 years, she shares her appreciation for the way in which culture, geography and history shape our food and the way we gather to eat it.

Food is a vehicle to creating community, to shaping memory and to sharing cultural richness. – Zehorit Heilicher

The Sabes & St. Paul JCCs hope you enjoy this unique online exhibition featuring artworks from our own community on the theme of Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home). This foundational Jewish principle takes on new meaning in our current landscape, and as more and more communities around the globe have been sheltering-in-place, we are redefining what home is and what is means to have peace in the home.

Shalom Bayit is an ongoing practice – the intention is to create a sanctuary, a place that feels welcoming, calm and safe.

*Please check back often as NEW art will be added as they are received.

May 3 – June 15, 2020