Art Exhibitions

June 21 – August 23, 2018

Crossing The Threshold
Featuring work by the Jewish Artists’ Laboratory

The Jewish Artists’ Laboratory, now in its sixth year, explores specific themes through study and art making, bringing together a diverse group of artists who have an interest in the relationship between Jewish thought and creativity.

This year, nearly 35 artists spent eight months studying and exploring the theme of Crossing the Threshold. This topic presented a multitude of opportunities to explore how thresholds are reflected in Jewish rituals and holidays, and the significance of Jewish rituals and holidays, and the significance of thresholds in its many forms. This exhibit showcases a large array of media and subject matter around this expansive theme.

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Susan Armington, Robyn Awend (Lab Coordinator), Carolyn Light Bell, Jordyn Feiger Bomberg, Jaymee Chanen, Gloria Cooper, Toni Dachis, Sandra Felemovicius, Suzanne Fenton, Jonathan Gross, Rani Halpern, Bonnie Heller, Ann Ginsburgh-Hofkin, Sylvia Horwitz, Sheri Klein, Anita Konikoff, Alison Morse, Gayle Novick, Dina O’Sullivan, Diane Pecoraro, Paula Leiter Pergament, Kris Prince, Sarah Routman, Jan Rubenstein, David Sherman, Noam Sienna, Aaron Silver, Diane Silverman, Judy Snitzer, Susan Weinberg (Resident Writer), Rochelle Woldorsky, Sharon Zweigbaum

In partnership with The Midwest Jewish Artists’ Lab and Beth El Synagogue. Generously supported by The Covenant Foundation.

Reception: Thursday, June 21

6 – 8 PM
Artist Presentations: 7 PM
Free and open to the public.

September 13 – October 28, 2018

Sacred Fire: Painting To Heal
Featuring work by Sarah Schaleger

Fire is a powerful force of dynamic change. Some pinecones need the intense heat of a forest fire to burst open and change into a new form. The phrase ‘trial by fire,’ acknowledges that events sear and change us. Yet the force of transformative experiences can also change and heal us.

“This is how I understand fire as a force for sacred transformation in my life. My searing experiences are brought in, and as I paint, I wrestle with allowing myself to open to new understanding, and let the process teach me. The painting records this journey. My work reflects the passage from difficulty, to joy and understanding. My paintings are filled with a presence of peace. Like fire, they dance with quiet joy.”
– Sarah Schaleger

Sarah’s work is primarily about process and being in conversation with the work itself, to see what is emerging. Sarah uses paint on flexible blocks to print repetitive patterns, building up layers of paint into a tapestry-like image; going into and through existing layers and sanding off what doesn’t work. Paint is layered (over and under) many times, painted into and erased off. Sarah tends to create mandala-like images of light.