Art Exhibitions

April 4 – May 30, 2019

Passover Landscapes:
Illuminations on the Exodus
Featuring work by visiting artist Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz

Passover Landscapes: Illuminations on the Exodus features work by visiting artist Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz. Through Passover Landscapes, Berkowitz hopes to recapture a spirit of creativity and spontaneity experienced around the seder table. His work continues the tradition of passing collective memory from generation to generation but invites today’s voices to join in.

From a close reading of sacred text, Matt turns to the palette and paper as he creates a composition that reflects the moral, ethic, or principle latent in the written word. An example of his approach may be found in the interplay between traditional scribal letters juxtaposed to modern styles in some of the pieces. Such lettering reflects his essential view of Judaism, rooted in a four thousand year old tradition yet also responsive to contemporary culture and issues.

In partnership with Beth El Synagogue and Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School

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Gallery Reception

April 4, 2019
Sabes JCC
6 – 8:00 PM (Remarks at 7PM)

Talmud Torah Family Passover Program

April 7, 2019
Sabes JCC
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM 
The 4 Children Unmasked – A hands on, community art event geared towards children in grades 2–5 and their families, but all ages are welcome! Create a meaningful piece for your seder table. This event is free. Registration is required at

April 4 – April 28, 2019
Shared Walls Lobby

A Book Art & Clay Relief Art Exhibit

Passover/Pesach Reimagined:The Illuminated Haggadah
An integrated project of Art and Judaic Studies

Each year, we fulfill the commandment to tell the story of our departure from slavery to freedom, using the Haggadah as a central ritual object. The Pesach Haggadah is a compilation of excerpts from the Tanakh and Rabbinic literature and includes prayers and hymns. The text is often accompanied by artwork depicting or interpreting the Passover story and its message of liberation. By engaging students in an act of Hiddur Mitzvah, (beautifying a mitzvah or commandment) we open the door for further connections and deeper understandings.

Through in-depth study of the Passover Haggadah, Heilicher Fifth Grade students chose a text to illuminate, seeing the Haggadah as both a
ritual object and an art form. They explored historical and contemporary Haggadot and were challenged to reimagine one page or section using elements and principles of design, creative Hebrew lettering and an art form new to them. Mentor artists in clay relief and book arts worked with us to try new and innovative techniques. Students will compose and deliver an artist statement/modern midrash at a special evening
program highlighting their accomplishments.

Created by Fifth Graders from the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School
Led by art teacher, Aimee Orkin; Judaic Studies teachers, Sara Bernstein, Wendy Goldberg & Bat Sheva Berman; and alumni book artist, Rachelle Horowitz.

It is our hope that the works are shared with their families and bring new life and perspective to the holiday.