The Sabes JCC offers special full-day and mini-camp programs during most school vacations. We take full advantage of the Sabes JCC facility and all it has to offer. Plus exciting field trips and special programs make spending the day with friends the best ever!

Still can’t get Party in Tel-Aviv, Olami Milk and Im Tirzu out of your head?
Still singing Bo, Bo, Bo Boker Tov? We know you miss Camp Olami and
Summer Quest as much as we do!

Who can wait until the summer to be together again? Not us! That’s
why this winter we are once again presenting – SNOWLAMI

Join us during winter break for a week full of friends, field trips, fun and
a taste of camp! Each day will include activities that you love from camp
including field trips, arts and crafts projects, sports, swimming, RUACH,
and the awesome staff you remember from the summer!

Snowlami Dates & Activities

We provide opportunities to people of all ages, abilities, races, backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations for inclusion in all programs.

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