The Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival (TCJFF), formerly the Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival, began in the late 1990’s with the screening of three films shown in Galtier Plaza in St. Paul to a group of passionate and committed film enthusiasts. Fast forward and here we are – celebrating 25 years of bringing the Twin Cities some of the best feature films, documentaries, and shorts from around the world on themes of Jewish culture and identity.

Designed to build bridges, entertain, and create dialog, the Festival offers a universal medium through which Jewish history, traditions, political viewpoints, the arts, and personal relationships can all be viewed with the goal of experiencing life from another angle.

In 2018, the TCJFF entered into a partnership with the Twin Cities Film Fest, providing the Festival the opportunity to access more films and to draw more Jewish filmmakers and artists to our community to connect with local audiences. Each film offers a “beyond the screen” program, providing the opportunity to gather together for deeper and enriching engagement that keeps the conversation going long after the credits have rolled.

This year’s celebration is scheduled to screen from September 14 through 28, 2019 at the Sabes JCC, St. Paul JCC and Showplace Icon. Beyond the September festival, the partnership with the Twin Cities Film Fest will also make possible additional screenings throughout the year.

Robyn Awend
JCC Cultural Arts Director
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Jonathan Gershberg
JCC Cultural Arts Coordinator
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