How Will The Virtual Festival Work?

  • This year the festival is FREE to all participants.
  • Anyone can participate in all aspects of the festival.
  • Once you register for a Festival All-Pass, you are all set! On October 12th, you will receive an email containing all of the links and passwords for you to use when streaming this year’s films. All films will be available for viewing between October 15 – November 1*. Anyone registering AFTER the 12th will automatically be sent the links and passwords in their email confirmation.
  • Films will be available for streaming on-demand throughout the entire festival (Oct. 15-Nov 1) and you can watch them any time*. No more worrying about missing a film because it’s being shown when you’re busy!
  • Festival All-Pass registrants will have links and matching passwords so that they can stream any-and-all films* beginning October 15. Watch once, or as many times as you’d like before the end of the festival on November 1. (Get your Festival Pass here.)
  • Post-film conversation links are available on the TCJFF website beginning October 15 thru Nov 1 to enjoy at your convenience.
  • Get your popcorn and favorite movie treats ready! We look forward to sharing these amazing film events with you.


*All films will be available to stream at any time between Oct 15 – Nov 1 with the exception of “Stranger/Sister” which will only be available between Oct 22-31, “The Dybbuk” which will only be available between Oct 28-Nov 1 and “You Need To Be Ready To Let Go Of What The Eye Sees” which will only be available on November 1 at 11 -12 PM. (Separate registration required for this film event. CLICK HERE to register).